Home Cleaning Tips: 8 Things Cleaners Do in Their Homes Every Day!


Home Cleaning Tips: 8 Things Cleaners Do in Their Homes Every Day!

Here are important home cleaning tips for your apartment cleaning. As you can imagine, our cleaning company in this field has a lot to say! Imagine this: you are a cleaner, and you spent the whole day cleaning … then go back to your home and start all over again! It is an endless vicious circle! Therefore we asked our team of experts, which are the most important tasks to face in daily house cleaning. Here are 8 tips:

1. Bring Out the Garbage

Every morning, they watch food scraps and throw away what they don’t think their family will eat! The day is the perfect time to take out the garbage, and if you can’t get rid of it, you can always tie it out in the garden or on the balcony, instead of leaving rotten in the fridge.

2. They Clean the Bathroom Sink – Every Time They Use It

Of course, it might seem too much (it is recommended once a day), but you will notice a huge difference on your own: when you don’t do it, make-up, toothpaste, soap and limestone pile up, making your bathroom a little dirtier.

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3. Wash the Walls of the Shower

After the shower, just a minute and a spatula-sponge are enough to prevent mold stains! This makes the shower always super clean, always never having to scrape anything. It will only take a minute, and you will save time and elbow grease afterward!

4. They Never Forget To Clean the Handles

Think about it: You probably touch the teapot or the handles of the coffee maker, at least once a day, so it won’t be a surprise if we tell you they are full of germs. Did you know that most bacteria live on teapots and coffee machines in the office and at home? This is why they must not only be cleaned indoors but also outdoors.

5. They Wash the Things That Give Them More Stress

When it comes to giving priority to something, always ask yourself this question: if you leave home for two weeks, what would be the worst thing to clean when you come back? For me, it’s the bathroom sink dirty with toothpaste, so I wash it down every day. For others, it could be the dog hair on the sofa or the kitchen counter covered in crumbs.

6. Aspect Most High-Traffic Places

This means doormats and carpets: yes, because these behave like filters that trap dirt, spreading allergens throughout the house. In short, they must be cleaned regularly.

7. They Immediately Face the Dirtiest Things

The remote control, the mobile phone, and the headphones are often the dirtiest objects. Make sure they fit into your daily cleaning routine!

8. They use the “Two-Minute Rule”

If an activity takes less than two minutes, do it immediately! These are the little things that accumulate are transformed into hours and hours of useless work. Little is better before when we talk about cleaning!

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