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Cladding and Gutter Drainage Cleaning in Coventry – Why It’s Important

Badly neglected gutters can lead to all sorts of problems for commercial and residential buildings. Regular cladding and gutter drainage cleaning in Coventry is essential! In addition to being clogged up and basically useless during a shower or storm, they will also lead to the following risks and inconveniences:

      • High chance of water damage to eaves and ceilings
      • Leaf litter which causes rust and excess rot
      • Unwanted pests such as insects, rodents etc.
      • Decreased quantity of catchment for rainwater tanks
      • A building which looks unsightly and unappealing

All of these problems add up to costly repairs and headaches, so it pays to have your household gutters cleaned on a regular basis.

JK Cleaning Services – Cladding and Gutter Drainage Cleaning in Coventry Methods

There are a few different ways to clean out domestic gutters, so we assess each job on its own basis. Our state of the art vacuum gutter cleaning equipment delivers an outstanding gutter cleaning service for our clients in the domestic, commercial hotel & leisure sectors. With this new equipment it allows our staff to get the job done quickly and most of all safely. The long reach gutter cleaning system we use can reach heights of over 3 stories all operated from the ground; enabling 100% health & safety compliance! There is no messy dirt left behind as all waste is vacuumed up into our equipment and taking off site with us when we leave for proper disposal.

If your gutters are particularly wet or there are small plants growing in them, we will clean them by hand, removing any unwanted matter and placing it into our waste disposal bags. With our cladding and gutter drainage cleaning in Coventry area, you will be left with a clean building that now functions properly. All of the above mentioned problems will be eliminated as well!

JK Cleaning Services are qualified to City & Guilds (NVQ Level 2) standard, Health and Safety approved and fully insured including public liability insurance. For service enquiries on cladding and gutter drainage cleaning in Coventry contact JK Cleaning today on: 02476 304 956

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